7 Reasons why hair salons fail to gain enough customers.
Written by Rochelle Werrett 
Why do so many hair salons fail to gain enough customers?

Some reason's include....

1.  Not streamlining their marketing efforts
An adhoc approach to your marketing will not assist with gaining more customers.

2.  Not employing Marketing specialists
A salon owner is usually a specialist in what they do, leave the marketing to the experts.  You wouldn't have a marketing specialist come and cut hair for you?

3.  No Shows
Many customers are lost through now shows, it is imperative that your salon has an automated and /or manual follow up system.  People are very busy, so multiple reminders for one appointment are necessary.

4.  Unproductive and ineffective marketing
A few posts on Instagram or Facebook is not an effective marketing strategy.

5.  No automation
Many owners are unaware of the amazing software products available in the market.  The main thing that comes to mind, is a booking system which sends reminder emails and texts to clients.

6.  Not up selling
A successful salon always trains staff in the art of the up sell.

7.  Not keeping existing customers
While up selling and gaining new customers is always important.  Just as important is Keeping your existing customers.  This requires consistent positive customer experiences.

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Rochelle Werrett

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